Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council


  • The Council meets annually for program review and as needed to consider changes to the CRA areas.


This Council consists of seven members, two of which are appointed by the Mayor, two appointed by City Council, one appointed by the Planning Board, and two appointed by the five core members of this council. All members are appointed for three-year terms.

  • David Dunn, term expires 12-31-2019
  • Vijay Gupta, term expires 12-31-2019

Council Description

The Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council was established by Resolution Number 86-84, and amended by Resolution Numbers 44-85, 120-85, 31-86, 70-86, and 19-05. Appeals do not go before City Council.

The Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council helps to identify legitimate incentive measures to assist in encouraging housing maintenance and economic and community development in areas that have not enjoyed reinvestment by remodeling or new construction.